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Julio Cesar plays well in Confederations Cup win

No actual Arsenal players made it in Brazil's 3-0 win over Spain in the final, but maybe Cesar's a thing?

Jasper Juinen

You may have watched the Confederations Cup final. I did, because I like watching soccer and it was readily available to me. No actual current Arsenal players played in the game (which was probably for the best, since they'd have been on the losing side) but possible target Julio Cesar did, and played well.

Cesar kept a clean sheet in Brazil's 3-0 win, and while he didn't have a massive number of saves to make (Opta listed him as having made four, along with two cross claims, which seems low but I wasn't keeping a tally) he did the job well when he needed to. He made two particularly good diving saves that kept Spain from coming back into the game late after Brazil had mostly put it to bed, and he was mostly impressive.

He was also named the 'keeper of the tournament, which either shows that he maintained this level of performance the whole tournament, or that people just vote for the guy who won. Or both, I suppose. Either way, if there are reasons to fear a possible Julio Cesar acquisition, they didn't come to the fore today.