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Still no transfer for Nicklas Bendtner, in a shock

Like Hamlet before him, the Danish striker just can't make up his mind.

Kenneth Branagh knows a thing or two about indecisive Danes
Kenneth Branagh knows a thing or two about indecisive Danes
Quinn Rooney

Everyone knows that Nicklas Bendtner, the greatest striker in history, is also the most famous man in the history of Denmark. The second most famous Dane, though, is Hamlet, the title character of William Shakespeare's play. You may have heard of it.

Hamlet is famous for his inability to make up his mind about things, and [SPOILERS] his dithering costs him dearly. I'm beginning to think this may be a failing peculiar to the Danish people (well, not really, but stay with me here) because Bendtner is doing the same damn thing. Sure, he's not deciding whether or not to murder Claudius, his uncle and the usurper to the Danish throne, but if you think about it, choosing a soccer team to play for is basically the same thing, right?

Well, as exasperated as you and I might be about this (read: very), it appears that, via Arseblog News, the Danish media is starting to get upset as well. According to a report, Arsenal and Eintracht Frankfurt have an agreement, but are waiting on the player. They say:


What do you want, Bendtner? It is now, you have to decide.

Will he play in Frankfurt? Or will he just play French clown?

That had better not be a veiled jab at Arsene Wenger, or I'm going to have words with Denmark.

They do make a good point, though. Bendtner said three weeks ago that in two weeks he'd be at a new club. So obviously that's not happening, and at this point it looks more and more like typical Bendtner. Expect to wait until August 29th before we see that he's been loaned to Queens Park Rangers, or something like that. How weary, stale, flat, and unprofitable seem to him all the uses of this world, to be sure.