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Arshavin signs with Zenit St. Petersburg

The former Arsenal midfielder is officially no longer our concern - out of contract, he's returned to his home country.

Arshavin's birthday parties are the stuff of legend.
Arshavin's birthday parties are the stuff of legend.

I'm not going to lie about this - after Andrei Arshavin's contract ended with Arsenal, I kind of hoped he'd sign a new one. Obviously this would be a contract worth far less than his last one, due to his...reduced effectiveness. But I've always enjoyed him, even on the field, and while I like the financial help that his departure will give the club, I wanted him to stay. At least as a press officer.

But alas, it's been officially announced that Arshavin will be returning to his home country, as he's signed a two-year deal to play at Zenit St. Petersburg. The man, himself:

I am very glad that it happened. I am glad to get back to the city. It’s good to wear the Zenit shirt. I just want to play football.

This is certainly better for him than staying at Arsenal - let's be real, nothing like that picture above would happen here - but it does make it a little harder for me to add Arshavin to my life, and for that I'm unhappy. But he'll actually get to play there, presumably, and that's better for a player than sitting on the bench, especially when you're nearing (or already at) the twilight of your career. And especially when you're possibly trying to get back to the national team.

I suppose there's always his website.