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Arsene Wenger wanted by PSG next summer, claims Daily Mirror

Without any mention of a source in the matter, the tabloid paper has decided to invent the story for its readers with this outlandish article. Article, heh. I take that back; this pile of rubbish shouldn't be called such a thing

Troll so hard
Troll so hard
Laurence Griffiths

Laurent Blanc has been PSG coach for roughly 24 hours. He's yet to be formally introduced to the Parisian press and has, more than likely, barely gotten any headway in securing their transfer targets for this upcoming season. But already, the Daily Mirror has predicted that he'll be out of a job this time next year, by "reporting" that Arsene Wenger will be wined, dined, and maybe taken to his favorite local independent cinema by PSG and Nasser Al-Khelalfi.

Above is the hyperlink to the Mirror's article, but I'd rather you not click on it because that gives their egos and page views an inflated sense of importance.

Actually, I'll be more blunt: don't click on that link. Instead, here's the entire article, presented without edit or bias:

Arsenal's Arsene Wenger is still wanted as Paris Saint-Germain coach even as they hire Laurent Blanc

The former France boss will be binned next summer regardless of results if the Gunners' manager agrees to join PSG when his current contract expires

Paris Saint-Germain have confirmed the capture of Laurent Blanc as coach - but left the door open for Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger to join them next summer.

Blanc, who won the 1998 Word Cup with France as a player and coached them at Euro 2012, has signed a two-year deal - a year, with an option for a further 12 months - to manage the new French champions following Carlo Ancelotti's move to Real Madrid as successor to Jose Mourinho.

But megabucks PSG still want Wenger to come home from England when his Emirates contract expires next summer.

And if Wenger finally agrees to join his long-time admirers, Blanc will be axed - regardless of his achievements next season.

It is set to place the Gunners' French coach at the centre of a tug-of-war between the two clubs.

PSG president Nasser al-Khelaifi who tried to sign Wenger two years ago and at the end of last season, is also general manager of al-Jazeera Sport, which employs Wenger as a pundit.

Arsenal are understood to be confident, however, of hanging onto Wenger by tying him to a new contract.

Chief executive Ivan Gazidis has confirmed the club want to keep the 63-year-old, despite disquiet among fans over the team's performances and his failure to recruit big-name stars.

With Manchester United figurehead Sir Alex Ferguson retired, Wenger's 18 years in north London makes him by far the longest-serving manager in the Premier League.

But he is still seen as the man to take the club forward following the recent "escalation of financial firepower" that is set to see them smash their transfer record and wage structure to land Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain.

That's it. That's all there is to this. Again, there's no mention of "inside sources," "ITK's" or "Boris Becker." It's simply a way to stir the pot when there's either nothing to report or boredom sets in trying to find the next nugget surrounding Higuain. Pay no mind, of course, to Ivan Gazidis' insistence of sealing a contract extension with Wenger, because ACTUAL DIRECT QUOTES don't further along this fantasy from afar.

Then again, for a paper with a laundry list of controversies to their resume, creating something out of thin air (coughKateGarrawaycough) is old hat and something to be expected.