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Transfer Rumor Thread III: Transferectomy!

The third in a seemingly endless series of posts about the seemingly endless transfer season.

Crazy person!
Crazy person!
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So here we are, needing a third post to talk about transfers. We're all ready for Higuain to pose with an Arsenal shirt like he's been a fan all his life, we're all ready for Fellaini/Rooney/Gunnersaurus 2 to sign a new deal and swear eternal fealty to a club that they'll then leave for more lucrative pastures in a few years, and most of all I think we're all ready for this inanity to stop and for the season to actually start.

Preseason training starts in a couple weeks, and Arsenal's first preseason game is on July 14th. According to the schedule, Arsenal's first preseason game is against an "Indonesia Dream Team", which sounds kinda neat, but then they face a really stern challenge in only their second preseason test: according to the fixture list, on July 17th, Arsenal face "Vietnam". Not the "Vietnamese National Team", two-time winners of the Merdeka Tournament, but apparently Vietnam itself.

All jokes about how the US fared against a determined, decidedly underdoggish Vietnam on their home pitch in the 60's aside, I can't imagine Arsenal will be ready, after only a few weeks of training, to face a nation of over 90 million people in a friendly match. Even with everyone on the pitch, Arsenal can only field about 30 people. This could get ugly fast - the defensive matchups alone are a nightmare - and it makes me wonder how good, truly, the Arsenal front office is - making a simple mistake about, say, a catering order for a board meeting is no big deal, but mistaking an entire nation for a national team? Wow, Arsenal.

So yeah, transfers! Talk!