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Higuain's brother: "Gonzalo is now close to Arsenal"

The saga continues, but with some good news: Arsenal, from all indications, appears to be the eventual landing spot for Real Madrid forward Gonzalo Higuain.

This guy died waiting for the club's official announcement
This guy died waiting for the club's official announcement

It wouldn't be a typical Arsenal transfer saga without the daily teases and flirtations that seemingly going on without a purpose or direction. And while many might be getting either a bit weary or tired of the talk surrounding Gonzalo Higuain, it doesn't mean to simply ignore what's being said by all interested parties. Which makes the soundbite from Higuain's brother/agent Nicolas all the more exciting, especially considering the transfer news out of Turin yesterday.

Arseblog News posted earlier this morning that Nicolas spoke to Tutto Mercado Web and revealed that the wantaway forward is closer than ever to a move to Arsenal now that Juventus agreed with Manchester City's Carlos Tevez on a three-year deal.

"Now that Tevez is signing for Juve, does that mean Higuain is closer to Arsenal? I think so.

Juventus is a great club, but Gonzalo is too expensive for them. Napoli? They’re a strong team and a club that means a lot to Argentines.

Having said that, I can’t deny that Gonzalo is now close to Arsenal."

So...yay? I mean, on one hand this is great news because one club that had reportedly agreed with both the player and the selling club is now out of the picture, but if you've been a follower of the club for a while now you know we shouldn't exactly be counting our eggs before they hatch. Believe me, I'm super-excited to hear that we appear to be leading the race to his signature at this moment in time, but until it's been officially confirmed by Arsenal it's best to not consider the deal done and dusted.

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