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Real Madrid announce Carlo Ancelotti as coach

The first domino to fall in the ongoing Gonzalo Higuain transfer saga occurred today, with Laurent Blanc taking over the seat left behind at PSG

"Hey, Arsene, you're quite bad at Hide and Seek."
"Hey, Arsene, you're quite bad at Hide and Seek."
David Ramos

Widely expected to occur at some point in the near-future, Real Madrid have officially announced today the appointment of Carlo Ancelotti, formerly of PSG, Chelsea, Juventus and Milan. He signed a three-year deal to coach the Bernabéu outfit, and he's expected to start implementing his authority on the squad very shortly, with Malaga's Isco rumored to be one of his first signings.

Of course, this also means moving players away that he feels are surplus to requirements, and one of them so happens to be Gonzalo Higuain, target of Arsenal and Juventus. Both clubs have apparently met both Madrid's asking price and there's a possibility that Juventus have met Higuain's wage demands, so it now comes down to semantics that determine where Higuain eventually lands and we, as fans, won't know until much later (or possibly never) what ultimately is the deciding factor.

As much of a slam dunk as we possibly once thought, the saga's far from over. Considering both clubs want to get their transfers done before training starts up in a couple weeks, the second domino to fall after today's announcement is visible in the horizon and fast approaching, and I feel we're going to hear more very, very shortly.

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