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Jeremy Wilson: "Deal agreed in principle" for Higuain

The Telegraph writer said on Twitter that Arsenal and Real Madrid have agreed on a deal, and are simply waiting for a manager to be announced.

the shining light of Argentina
the shining light of Argentina
David Ramos

The saga takes another half-step forward. According to the Telegraph's Jeremy Wilson - one of the journalists on Twitter who usually isn't totally full of crap, to my recollection - Arsenal and Real Madrid are essentially just hanging out, waiting to announce a deal for Gonzalo Higuain.

If you've been following this deal for a while, like I have, you probably want to hang yourself this isn't really something that should surprise you that much, although it hasn't really been put out there so explicitly until now. For a while we've known that nothing's going to happen until Real Madrid announce Carlo Ancelotti whoever they might end up hiring, but this is the first I think we've heard that there's a chance that everything is actually agreed. Hopefully Wilson is right, and this will all be over soon.

Soon, in fact, might even be tomorrow, if our cousin blog Managing Madrid's sources are right.

So, if things go like they usually do, and Wilson is actually right, it's not crazy to think that we could have an announcement on Higuain as soon as Thursday. That would be a little fast for an Arsenal transfer announcement, but Tuesdays and Thursdays tend to be Announcement Days, and, well, Ancelotti is tomorrow.

In short, one step closer to the edge. And one more person added to my list of slapping victims, should the deal fail.

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