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Additions to the Short Fuse team

I'm excited to announce the addition of two new writers to The Short Fuse's masthead. Legitimately giddy. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

"like a new signing"
"like a new signing"
Justin Sullivan

When you're running a blog that covers a Top Club Club like Arsenal, there's a lot that needs to be covered. Particularly during the season, when there are two games a week in addition to team news and the like, but also in the transfer-heavy summer, there's just a lot going on.

And with a team that has as many fans as Arsenal does, there are a lot of people talking about the club in various spaces, from Twitter to television to blogs to street corners. Some are great, and some are awful. Luckily, since I started writing here a couple of years ago, I think I've gotten pretty good at figuring out which is which.

Put those two together, and we have an announcement to make. We're bringing two new writers onto staff at The Short Fuse, and they both kick ass.

First I'd like to introduce the one you're more likely to know already. Zito Madu has been around here a fair amount, particularly recently. He's written The Short Fuse in the past (you may remember his ode to Andrei Arshavin) and is a contributor to the SB Nation Soccer main page. He's a good follow on Twitter as well (@Zitov2). that.

Second, but not least, we're also adding a one Michael Keshani to the team. You may not know him as well, unless you're active on Twitter, where you should be following him (@RoamingLibero). Like Zito, Michael has posted on occasion here (though not for a bit). He kind of looks like a young Roger Federer, as well.

From the (many, many) interactions I've had with both, I think they'll be great additions not only to the staff as writers, but to our community as well. I'm incredibly happy that we have been able to get both Zito and Michael aboard, and excited as all hell to see what they can do here. Please welcome them both with, I don't know, puns? Something good.