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A Spain-Uruguay match I watched


Robert Cianflone

Uruguay are the 2013 Copa America champions. They are also struggling in the World Cup qualifiers right now.

The latter side was out today.

Spain met Luis Suarez and company in Recife in the Confederations Cup, and Uruguay might as well have not been there. The game ended 2-1, because Spain didn't take or make as many chances as their dominance allowed.

My unofficial count has Spain completing 159237 out of 160939 passes, while Uruguay completed 3 out of about 50. I'm bad at math, however.

There wasn't much on in the game from an Arsenal perspective, either, although Cesc Fabregas was superb in the midfield for Spain. He hit the post early on, and then for Spain's second goal, when most mortals would have shot, he instead laid a perfect pass into a waiting Roberto Soldado, who smashed home. In between those moments and after, Cesc was just doing his Cesc thing, being awesome. Please come home to London.

Santi Cazorla did eventually come off of the bench in the 64th minute, and he was mostly very good in limited time, making some standard-issue-Santi "he's so tiny but look at him bounce off of guys" runs and nice passing triangles with Iniesta and Jordi Alba. Keep up the good work, Santi, and by all means, Vincente Del Bosque, please limit his minutes in these pointless, pointless international training sessions.

Lord help Spain's next opponent, Tahiti. Spain should go for the 1,000,000-pass mark.