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Report: Denilson signs with Sao Paulo

The laser has been applied, and he's gone. He's really gone.

later dude
later dude
Paul Gilham

According to Pete O'Rourke of Sky Sports, former member of the Arsenal Deadwood Squad (trademark pending) Denilson has joined Brazilian club Sao Paulo on a free transfer. His contract lasts until 2017, so that's the earliest that we can bring him back home to Arsenal.

According to Sambafoot, Denilson was drawing interest from clubs like CSKA Moscow, though I'm not entirely certain why. He'd been on loan at Sao Paulo for the past two seasons, and there had long been rumors that the club wanted him full-time, but a deal never really ended up happening. Now they have their player without a fee, which is a nice bit of business for them, but it's kind of lame that Arsenal are going to miss out on, oh, let's say £900,000.

I should probably be nicer, because Denilson actually had nothing but nice things to say on his way out of the club, praising his teammates and manager.

I would like to thank all the players and staff who lived in this period, but especially to Arsene Wenger, who was arguably the person who most trusted and invested in me.

He always treated me like a son and got so far, I have no doubt that Wenger was instrumental in my development as an athlete. He is a fantastic guy.

See? Now I feel bad. In all honesty, I'm hopeful that he'll do well back home in Brazil - I always hoped he'd pan out here, but it obviously wasn't in the cards for whatever reason. Goodbye, Denilson. Goodbye forever.