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Gervinho edging closer to a Marseille switch

Arsenal forward Gervinho looks to be on the way out, with Marseille willing to take on the mercurial and polarizing forward

Shaun Botterill

Well before his first match with Arsenal in 2011, the word on Gervinho was that he possessed pace and a knack for missing the net with an alarming regularity. At the time, I simply dismissed it since I chose to believe, with my red-and-white shaded glasses on, that he was probably going through a lengthy purple patch of sorts. Or that Eden Hazard affixed some sort of Belgian hex on him while the two were teammates at Lille OSC, and by merely escaping his grasp and horribly-weighted passes he'd find the back of the net like a forward we all thought - and hoped - he'd become.

Sadly, to say he's not lived up to any sort of reasonable expectations would be an understatement.

As being reported in various corners of the internet, Marseille, with its historic stadium nestled steps within the warm and inviting shores of the Mediterranean, is willing to take on Gervinho as one of their summer transfers once the window opens up in a couple weeks.

Arsenal forward Gervinho looks closer to a departure from the Emirates after Marseille confirmed their interest in the former Lille player. Marseille’s assistant coach Franck Passi said:

"This is a profile that interests us, yes. We want flank players, with dribbling, passing and scoring and Gervinho has this profile."

The club finished second behind PSG and, as a result, qualified for the Champions League, so he wouldn't necessarily be moving to a club that wouldn't be able to offer him the stage he feels he deserves.

Then there's that whole playing time issue. Since there's no real conceivable situation where Arsene Wenger puts his name above rising youngsters like Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, combined with the fact that he - like most competitive athletes - wants to play in every match, a spot like Marseille would be very welcoming to a player who, as much as we all remember Bradford, isn't a complete dunce when out on the pitch.