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New Sections on The Short Fuse!

Because I'm just riddled with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

two new sections: Like A Trophy
two new sections: Like A Trophy
Chris Brunskill

This is probably the kind of news that only people who run blogs can get excited about, but I run a blog, so I'm excited. We're debuting two new sections to The Short Fuse today - something that I've been thinking about for a little while, and we finally came up with some decent names for them.

  • The Pit of Despair: Remember Golden Corral? The Walking van Persie? That's the kind of stuff that will show up here. We're all slightly crazy, and this is where we let that out. I briefly considered just calling this section "Travis King," but settled on the Princess Bride reference instead.
  • Deadwood: Because I think the mildly derogatory term used for Arsenal's less-than-good players is a bit silly, and because it makes me think of this, this is what we're calling the section for stuff that isn't quite news, but also isn't nothing. Remember that video of Carl Jenkinson's new haircut? Yeah, that was pretty funny. That goes here.

As you can see, both sections are comprised of things we already do. Not a lot has changed, aside from the fact that in the future it will be a little easier to look back at past insanity we've produced. I'm sure your mind is blown.