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Bild: Bayern Munich interested in Vermaelen

Evidently Pep Guardiola didn't watch a lot of soccer during his year off.

search:"Vermaelen Munich"
search:"Vermaelen Munich"
Alexander Hassenstein

In today's installment of Weird Transfer Rumor Theater, German paper Bild are reporting that Bayern Munich are interested in buying defender, captain, and Guy Who Didn't Enjoy 2013 Much Thomas Vermaelen. New manager Pep Guardiola was evidently impressed by Vermaelen's performance at left back in Bayern's 3-1 win at the Emirates in the Champions League, though how any Arsenal performance from that game could qualify as impressive eludes me. Maybe he liked his ability to help Bayern Munich win a game, and neglected to realize he wasn't supposed to be doing that.

It's an unsourced rumor, but Bild was one of the first papers to report on Arsenal's interest in and purchase of Lukas Podolski, so perhaps they know something here as well. Considering Bayern's supposed interest in Laurent Koscielny as well, maybe they just noticed we were good defensively at the end of the year and didn't bother to look to see who played. There's no word of any bid or anything, so I'd really just ignore this if and when the Arsenal Internet Realm blows up over it, until something actually happens. I seriously doubt Vermaelen will be sold this summer, particularly without a replacement lined up - particularly because Vermaelen is still on a long-term contract so there's no pressure to sell.

I put this rumor at "Don't Buy." If Bild are lucky, maybe it will go to "Risky" soon.