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Sir Alex Ferguson Announces Retirement

This day was coming eventually, and now it's here: decorated Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson will be stepping down following the conclusion of this season

Laurence Griffiths

At age 71, Sir Alex Ferguson announced yesterday that he's stepping down from his familiar and grooved-in seat, perched just above pitch-level, in the Main Stand at Old Trafford and calling it a career. And whether you like him or not (I fall more towards the latter), there is simply no denying the fact that Ferguson is the most accomplished, successful and best manager the Kingdom has ever seen.

One could go on and on about what he's brought to United, to the EPL and to European soccer in general, but frankly I don't have the time to write all of his successes up. He took advantage of the formation of the EPL in the early-90's and, with one of England's most famous generation of players at his disposal, went about collecting league titles, domestic and European cups and transforming how the game was played. He was loyal to his players and, at the same time, quick to spot when he could maximize their value before their game and personalities started to become a detriment, and former players can't say enough good things about him, no matter how they left the club.

With Ferguson's announcement, this leaves one Arsene Wenger as the longest-tenured boss in England. And, as Gooners, we'll have to face this moment in the near-future as well. While I can't say I'm overly sad that Ferguson is stepping down, since I have my own personal feelings about the man, as well as feeling a bit relieved Arsenal will never have to face a United squad managed by him again, I can't deny the accomplishments and legacy he's leaving behind in the sport.