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QPR vs. Arsenal: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Three points, a little bleurgh.

Clive Rose

Arsenal beat QPR at Loftus Road yesterday, but it wasn't pretty. Imagine there are three levels of things, and the three levels of things are in a standoff about a pile of gold, and the pile of gold is a win against QPR. Does that make sense? Good. Here we go.

The Good

- Scoring so fast. Rather than dragging on for 65 minutes with pressure but nothing to show for it, Arsenal put their foot down early. Theo Walcott's shot from a beautiful Mikel Arteta pass crossed the line under Robert Green's arm with 0:17 on the clock, Aresnal's fastest-ever Premier League goal. It put Arsenal immediately at ease. However, that ease would have its limits tested, because:

The Bad

- Arsenal's play for the next 92 minutes. As always, there were glimpses of moments, but Arsenal really struggled to find any kind of final ball, showed very little productive movement or tempo in attack, and focused too much on possession at times and not enough on penetration.

- Nacho Monreal getting his nachos eaten by Andros Townsend. A number of times, the young Spurs loanee got around Arsenal's left back a little too easily. Monreal is still adapting to the league, but at times, he doesn't look ready for the pace or cutting inside-ness of many Premier League wing players.

The Ugly.

- Harry Redknapp. That is all.

Take care, everyone.