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Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas not moving to England: Report

Well this was bound to happen. News out of Spain indicate that Barcelona have no intention of selling the former Arsenal player this summer

Mike Hewitt

Sky Sports Spanish journalist Guillem Balague is telling Sky Sports tonight that Cesc Fabregas is surprised to hear his name in transfer rumors away from Barcelona, that the club has explicitly told him that they have no intentions on selling Fabregas, and that if he does move away from the club it won't be for at least another 12 months.

Now, the transfer window doesn't open up for another five weeks, but this doesn't bode too well for Arsenal. Balague has had his misses in transfer predictions in the past, but he seems to have his finger on the pulse correctly more times than not when it comes to clubs in Spain, especially Real Madrid and Barcelona. And if he's right in this latest bit of news, it appears that the boat has sailed on the possibility of Fabregas returning home.

Personally, I don't think Arsene Wenger has put all of his eggs in the Cesc Fabregas basket this summer, considering the club has other pressing areas of need to shore up first. But I don't think he will be too thrilled to hear that Fabregas would rather sit on the bench at Barcelona instead of coming back to the Emirates and playing in every match.