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2013 Silly Season Open Thread

There are people who love rosterbation. There are people who hate it. This thread is for both sets of people.

not at all a botched transfer
not at all a botched transfer
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

In case you hadn't heard, the 2012-13 Premier League season ended over a week ago. I have never been one who wants to immerse in anything 24/7/365; I believe that breaks are needed, in order to maintain one's level of interest in and love of a thing. For me, only by its absence can I appreciate its presence. But! There are many, many people who love off season speculation, and who love chewing over transfer possibilities, roster construction, and all that good stuff. I have nothing against you if that's your thing, it's just not my bag.

In an effort to concentrate all the transfer-season speculation into one thread of transfer-season awesomeness/oh-god-please-let-it-stop-not-this-againness (delete as appropriate), TSF is...proud? to bring you the Summer 2013 Silly Season Open Thread. This thread will be prominently displayed on the site throughout the summer; if the comment count gets too high, it will be replaced by another prominent, semi-permanent thread.

It is our wish that this thread serve as the one and only place for all transfer speculation, both Arsenal and non-Arsenal, this summer - any crazy rumor, half-assed wishcasting, or dreams of a certain French defensive midfielder you wish to discuss should go here, and here alone. In other words, now that this post is up, please don't litter other threads with transfer gossip. That way, the people who don't care about transfer rumors can just avoid this thread, and those who do can go to town (although the thread will of course be moderated and is subject to the usual site rules).

Of course, if any of those rumors turn out to be both a) true and b) Arsenal-related, we will post them as their own stories; for now, though, let the rosterbation begin!