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Player Of The Year, Part One: TSF Readers' Choice

The end of the playing-games season brings with it the beginning of recap-the-season season. We kick it off by asking you who your Player Of The Year is.

What do YOU think?
What do YOU think?
Shaun Botterill

At once the greatest and most horrifying thing about the internet is how democratic and open it is. Anybody can say or do anything they want, with very few restrictions. What does that mean for you? It means that we are giving you, our awesome and erudite TSF readers, first crack at this whole end-of-season review thing. Democracy!

When we were talking amongst ourselves about what to do with our season-end stuff, we thought we'd start with Player of The Season. Before we write up TSF's choice, which to be honest we haven't made yet, we want to know what you think. And totally not because we're going to cheat and look at your answers, like that one cute girl/boy (delete as appropriate) in math class that you really like and would totally go to a movie with if they'd just ask and maybe if I show him/her my answers he/she will see how cool I am and then we can totally go to the movies and date and ohmygodthatssoexcitingtothinkabout. No, it's not like that at all. We're sorry, this is awkward, we don't like you like that, we just want to be friends genuinely want to know what you think!

Thinking about the whole season, who in your estimation was Arsenal's player of the season? As this is the internet, there's of course no rigor, science, or hard-and-fast criteria to this - "player of the season" can mean whatever you want it to mean. It could mean the player that was most valuable in what in baseball circles we call "high-leverage situations", where every action taken by a player means a lot, or it could be the player that you just love to watch the most. It could be for performance in the league, or in Europe, or all of the above. There's no wrong answer, there's probably more than one right answer, but either way, however you feel about it let us know, both in the poll below (the players in the poll are listed in descending order of minutes played, not preferentially) and in the comments.