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Newcastle 0 - 1 Arsenal: Instant Reaction: YES!!!


Stu Forster

Arsenal pulled out a squeaker at St. James Park in Newcastle today, winning 1-0 in a tense affair to finish fourth, one point above Tottenham Hotspur (again).

Some thoughts:

-- Arsenal were not at their best. Do not care.

-- Arsenal sat very deep after their opener. Scary it was. Do not care.

-- Laurent Koscielny was excellent; Per was less so; Ramsey struggled. He is my lovely Franco-Polish Man. Care.

-- Theo hit the post late. I almost died. Do not care.

-- Bale scored a worldie. Honestly who cares at all.

I don't care much about how much this morning sucked to watch; it was tense, it was awful, it was great, it was awful. But in the end, Arsenal frigging pulled this sucker out.

Laurent Koscielny the best.

I love everyone. I love Santi. I love Ox. I love Poldi. I love Giroud. I love everyone. Today, I love everyone.

That is honestly my instant reaction. I have nothing else.