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Man Of The Match: Tomas Rosicky

In only his second start of the season, Tomas Rosicky earns The Short Fuse's sought-after Man Of The Match award.

head, meet ball.  Ball, meet back of net.
head, meet ball. Ball, meet back of net.
Michael Steele

In a match otherwise ugly enough that even Per Mertesacker decided to get sent off early rather than sit through the whole thing, there was one really good thing. Person. Whatever. Anyway, Tomas Rosicky hasn't started much this season, and that has been a point of some concern for at least a few of us, as he's a really solid player who brings a lot to the table. His omission has been puzzling, and it's even more so when you see him play like he did Saturday. As Arsene Wenger put it:

"He's such an important player who turns the game forward, brings movement into the game, makes the game look simple and always you feel when he has the ball that something can happen, and not many players have that in the locker."

All of that was certainly on display Saturday. The two goals - one from a lovely Gervinho cross (I am so happy he's getting back to form!), and one that resulted from WBA's keeper not dealing well with Rosicky's initial shot - were fantastic, but even more fantastic was the way he ran things. He moved the ball around with purpose, he was amazing at creating space and time both off and on the ball, and overall he was pretty much everything to Arsenal's midfield all day long. As for his extended starting drought, Rosicky has what appears to be the best possible attitude about it:

"It's difficult when you're not playing, you want to be part of the team and the only way you can get into the team is through hard work," he said. "You have to convince the manager that you're part of the team, that's what I am trying to do and it's what I will continue to do."

As long as you keep doing what you did Saturday, Tomas, you'll convince everyone. Your TSF shower curtain, certificate of appreciation, and lifetime supply of Turtle Wax is in the mail.