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Arsenal 1 - 1 Manchester United: Instant Reaction Thread

You just knew Robin van Persie would have an impact. I'm just mad Sagna made it easy for him.

Shaun Botterill

My instant reaction? Bacary Sagna cost Arsenal two points today. My more nuanced reaction? Arsenal played OK, but not really well enough to win. They started like they had something to prove, but then they faded really fast and spent the middle 45 minutes of the game doing nothing of note, while also ensuring United didn't really do much either.

This was a winnable game, and Arsenal didn't win it; it's not a horrible result, given what happened elsewhere around the league this weekend, but I can't help thinking games like this are a microcosm of Arsenal's season; this game was there for the taking, and Arsenal didn't take it. A point is vital, and it doesn't really feel like a loss, but I am disappointed that Arsenal couldn't maintain the momentum of that first half hour and turn it into three points.

And now we can stop thinking about Robin van Persie until next season.