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Arsenal unsure about Giroud red card appeal

If they don't, he'll miss three. If they do, he may miss fewer.

Mike Hewitt

Olivier Giroud earned a straight red today against Fulham for a tackle in which he glanced the top of the ball before crunching into Stansilav Manolev. It doesn't sound as if an appeal is forthcoming from Arsene Wenger, however. Here's what the manager had to say:

He went over the ball and knowing that Sidwell had been sent off before, I had no illusion of the colour of the card.

on if he will appeal Giroud's red…
I have to see it again. I haven't seen it on television.


Given the fact of the direct comparison to Sidwell's red card, which surely is a straight red no matter the appeal, it seems unlikely that Wenger would decide to appeal his own striker's dismissal. A three-match ban is coming down the pike for the French striker, most likely, which means he will miss the Manchester United match at home, Queens Park Rangers away, and Wigan Athletic at home.

Look for Theo Walcott and Lukas Podolski to fill in at center forward in Giroud's absence.