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Fulham 0 - 1 Arsenal: Instant Reaction

Arsenal barely pulled one out of the fire today.

Mike Hewitt

Arsenal had a bit of a rough time against ten-men Fulham today. Here are some quick thoughts, with a full report to come later on:

- Arsenal had like 80% of the possession, no matter how many men Fulham had on the pitch. But possession stats don't really tell the story today, and they're flawed anyhow, so let's just move on.

- Arsenal couldn't really muster more shots than Fulham could. Arsenal just simply weren't finding a final ball that they needed to, and Fulham were enterprising on the break.

- Giroud/Arteta/Monreal/Sagna had a bad game, but he wasn't the only one. Basically the whole team was slow-looking, passes weren't connecting, ideas weren't there. Giroud's moronic red card as full time was approaching was really not ideal, so he'll miss some time because of that.

- Three points. Three points! Arsenal five points up on Spurs, although Spurs have two games in hand. It's getting wild at the end. Praise Per!