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Arsenal's Man Of The Match v. Reading: Gervinho!!!!!

In a 4-1 stroll through the park, one man stood out as the best of the day, and it's about time.

he's brushing the burden of not scoring off his shoulders like a gnat
he's brushing the burden of not scoring off his shoulders like a gnat
Jamie McDonald

If Arsenal could finish, Saturday's game could have been 9-1. If Gervinho could finish better, he could have had a hat trick. But, despite his awkward finishing, TSF has anointed Gervinho the Man Of The Match against Reading. He was all over the place Saturday, but for once he was all over the place in the best possible way; he created chances and scored a goal from one of them, he created space, he got other players involved, and he played like the beast we all thought he could be a year or two ago.

Gerv is notorious for being a confidence player; he needs a good run of form to be at his best, and I hope that this game, despite his less-than-clinical finishing at times, provides a springboard for him to have a really strong rest of the season, because I've always liked the ol' forehead, despite his issues. All he has to do is knock a couple more goals in and he'll be a different player - I'm not thinking he's going to be the next RvP, but he's a useful player when he's firing on all cylinders, and I hope his recent good run of form continues.

So, Gervinho, here's to you, my friend; may this be the first game of the best stretch of your career. And to help you remember this game, and your honor as TSF's MOTM, look for your TSF-branded ShamWow, your frame-ready certificate of appreciation, and $10 KFC gift card in the mail very, very soon. Congratulations.