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Premier League and FA Cup Open Thread

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Arsenal don't play, but lots of other teams do!

Warren Little

Arsenal don't play until their midweek clash with Bayern Munich. However, there is lots of other action for you to check out on the football television today:

Everton vs Wigan (FA Cup), 7:45am, FOX Soccer
QPR vs Sunderland, 10am, FOX Soccer Plus and FOX Soccer 2Go
West Brom vs Swansea, 10am, FOX Soccer 2Go
Norwich vs Southampton, 10am, FOX Soccer 2Go
Reading vs Aston Villa, 10am, FOX Soccer 2Go
Manchester City vs Barnsley (FA Cup), 12:30pm, FOX Soccer

(All times eastern).

So what's on your minds? Want to talk about these games and the soccer balls and the goals and the running and the tackling? Yay! We do too. Feel free to comment on all of the action below, but remember, please always use the subject line, please do not link to those illegal streams the kids are so fond of these days, and above all else, no kicking, screaming, spitting, hairpulling, hitting below the belt, idleness, or deviltry--in other words, be kind to each other.