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NextGen Series: Arsenal defeat Inter Milan

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Arsenal knocked out the defending champions Inter Milan to move on to the quarterfinals of this year's series.

Julian Finney

Arsenal's U19s defeated the NextGen Series' defending champions Inter Milan in what appeared to be a deluge today in Italy by a score of 0 - 1 to move on to the quarterfinals.

Nico Yennaris, of all people, scored a one-man effort in the 69th minute to win the match, which sounds like something I'd like to see:

Yennaris raced in to intercept the ball by the halfway line and he tore towards the Inter box. With the defenders backing away, the captain let fly from 20 yards and buried his shot into the bottom corner.

Here's a video (scrub to 1:29:29 or so and watch):

Okay, Nico. That's a good start. Uhh...keep that up, there, sir.

Arsenal now move on to face CSKA Moscow in the round of eight in March. The match will take place between March 18th and March 21st, and will be on Eurosport, if anyone has a super duper satellite television set of some kind, instead of us poor cable saps.