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Champions League Open Thread

Wanna talk about the games? Here! Go! Talk!

cue soaring anthem
cue soaring anthem
Harold Cunningham

Shakhtar take on Dortmund in the clash everyone's been waiting for....oh wait, I'm being told it isn't.

Real Madrid travel to Manchester to play United in the second leg of the Tie of The Century, 2013 edition, with Manchester United needing only a scoreless draw to see them through. But considering that Real have scored in about 15 consecutive matches, that's not likely. Fortunately, Manchester United also score regularly, so this is actually shaping up to be quite the fun little tilt. Rooney starts on the bench, while 864-year-old Ryan Giggs gets the start. Neat!

This is Cristiano Ronaldo's first visit back to Manchester since he left for Madrid in 2009. He probably spent most of yesterday hanging out at the Corn Exchange and getting nostalgic.

y'all know the drill with game threads. No illegal streams, be cool, etc. This is going to be a fun afternoon of Champions League soccer, so why not hang out here and make it, y'know, funner? Game's on Fox Soccer, by the way.