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The Arsenal midfield crisis; or, what should Arsene Wenger do?

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With today's news regarding Abou Diaby and another long-term injury he's set to deal with, the focus will shift to how Arsene Wenger handles this latest news and what he plans on doing to address it both now and in the summer

Laurence Griffiths

Yes, the inevitable happened. Yes, we can all say "BUT ARSENE WENGER SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER DERP." But that's easy. That's child's play. Saying that Abou Diaby was eventually going to get hurt doesn't take a genius to conclude, but at the same time that shouldn't be an indictment on Arsene Wenger or the club placing any amount of trust or faith in Diaby to begin with; while a guy can be injury-prone, something like a shredded knee in training isn't exactly something that can be predicted.

This latest injury puts the Frenchman out of the squad for 8-9 months, according to estimates today, which means that he'll obviously be out the rest of the season and up to the first half of next season. After we mourn and discuss the "what if's" of Diaby's career had some two-left foot clomping, doofus-faced, window-licking pile of rhino feces not shattered his leg back in 2006, the focus immediately shifts to the issue of how to back-fill the position now for the rest of the season, and what to do for the 13/14 season.

The easy solution, for this season anyway, appears to be Aaron Ramsey slotting in next to Mikel Arteta. Thus far, when placed back there, Ramsey has shown great awareness and ability for the responsibilities needed for that position. So the question is: should Wenger continue planning out the long-term future of the club at this position with Ramsey occupying a role there? If not, what should be done to address this? If Wenger continues with Ramsey here in the future, should he still be in the market this summer for, at minimum, depth? Or should he be looking to find Arteta's replacement?