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Abou Diaby out for 8-9 months with ACL tear

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I...I just...I am at a loss of words here. Poop.

Julian Finney

Honestly, it was a matter of when and how. When was Abou Diaby going to Abou Diaby himself, and in what sort of fashion. In the past, each time the guy bounced back from an inexplicable injury, we knew to measure his comeback by the amount of days before he'd find himself in another health crisis, wondering why it's always him. Why Abou Diaby, and why so goddamn often. With him, it's always been a matter of when and how, and today we added another update to an Abou Diaby comeback cut short with the answer of "yesterday, during training" and "torn left ACL," which posted to the masses a short while ago.

Forget every potential negative thought you have about Abou Diaby and the sort of game and skills (or lack thereof) he brings to the club, this is becoming an even sadder story than it's been in the past. The man has fought through injury after injury, only to suffer a setback by something more mysterious, more devastating and more confounding. I truly feel sorry for him, because he's a great player for what's asked of him, and he's managed to keep enough wits about him to not play the "woe-is-me" card in the media when everything that's happened to him would give him a pass to do so.

This sucks. This really, really sucks. I have nothing else to add other than I hope for (another) speedy recovery and that whoever's holding the voodoo doll be struck down with the most vicious bolt of lightning the Earth has ever seen.