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Theo Walcott Injured; Likely To Miss At Least One Arsenal Match

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The stupid qualifying games haven't even started yet and they've claimed their first casualty.

He's about to sneeze
He's about to sneeze
Michael Regan

People wonder why I dislike internationals? Here's one reason why! Theo Walcott injured his groin in training today, and will miss both England World Cup qualifiers as well as Arsenal's next league match, next Saturday against Reading. In training! Not even in a game!

I know, injuries could happen with the club as well, but chances are this injury wouldn't have happened had Theo been training with Arsenal; it's frustrating, but just another thing Arsenal will have to deal with as they push for a Champions League spot. I guess this is where we should be glad he's making the transition to being a full-on striker; if he were still only a midfielder, it might be panic time, because Arsenal's midfield is about as deep as the wading pool at your local public park; as a striker things are a little deeper, because Ox is on the bench, but it's still a touch worrisome because so is Gervinho.

As long as Theo's only going to miss one game, it shouldn't be too bad for Arsenal. Here's hoping it's not serious.