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It's the international break, so...what's up

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Please help me, for I am already bored.

Stuart Franklin

Arsenal don't play a match until two Saturdays from now. In the meantime, everyone is free to watch some international football, if that's like, one's thing, man. We'll get open threads up for all of that action in due time, but I thought I'd speculate a bit (the name of the game for any self-respecting football fan, correct?) about what might be happening in the less-full, but still storied, halls of London Colney over the next eight or nine days:

-- Mikel Arteta and Abou Diaby are going to team up to try to beat the Halo 4 campaign on legendary difficulty. Word is that Mikel misses the regular battle rifle from Halo 3 and has been struggling with ammo problems on anything above heroic difficulty, which is why he's drafting in Diaby, who, let's face it, has had a lot of time to practice. :(

-- Sebastien Squillaci is perfecting his soufflé technique. Seriously, have you ever tried to bake a freaking soufflé? It's impossible. They always collapse, just like...nah.

-- Vito Mannone is putting on some light opera. The Mikado, in fact. Just like that part of Chariots of Fire.

What other plans do you think Arsenal players who are staying in London have for their time off?

[Ed. note: ugh please save me from no Arsenal]