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Arsenal Man of the Match: Santi Cazorla

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A pretty easy choice for our industry-leading award recognition, Santi Cazorla scoops up Hombre of the Match following the much-needed win today at Swansea

Jan Kruger

This was the Santi Cazorla that Arsene Wenger envisioned having in his side when he splashed out the pounds last summer in an effort to add options to his side's attack. A type of player who can terrorize back lines with deft touch, accurate long shots and precision passes finding the intended recipient over and over again. With Jack Wilshere out due to an ankle injury today, Cazorla was called upon to provide Arsenal's attack with all those traits and more, which he did with ease and confidence in today's 2-0 win away at Swansea.

He completely dominated the attacking center of the pitch; every single pass of his from this area was completed, with a team-high five chances created, 5/6 in take ons (all from just outside the box, in dangerous positions), and of course his four shots from distance - two of which forcing Swansea keeper Michael Vorm into saves. One of Cazorla's traits is his ability to play from touchline-to-touchline, and while that squad and tactical flexibility will always help Wenger when selecting his lineup and bench, it's looking ever more obvious that he flourishes best when lined up behind a center forward with the ability to be the engine of the attack. To be someone who can be direct when needed while having the wherewithal to distribute to all sides of the pitch.

So raise 'em if you got 'em: To Santi Cazorla, The Short Fuse's Man of the Match. Your trophy and Applebee's gift card will be mailed out on Monday.