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Swansea City 0 - 2 Arsenal: Instant Reaction

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Arsenal take all three points at the Liberty Stadrium in a tight affair. Huge three points.

Jan Kruger

Arsenal took a huge, huge three points today in Wales, winning by a final score of 2 - 0. It was a tight, slow affair at times, but the Gunners made their chances count and kept Swans at bay.

Some observations:

-- Arsenal's opening 20 minutes were not great. There was no pressing, the high line was in effect, and Angel Rangel nearly made them pay 14 minutes in, skipping through the line.

-- Arsenal's tempo was also too slow in the first half. At times after 25 minutes, it started to pick up, but for the most part, both teams were playing slowly, and there were few chances either way before half time.

-- Giroud had a rough game. He was handled physically most of the match by Swansea's center halves, and he was getting no love from referee John Moss. He was good to get his layoff to Nacho Monreal for Arsenal's opener after nearly screwing up the whole move by taking the pass away from players in a better spot to shoot behind him

-- Arsenals defending, again, was good in the second half. Basically, Swansea had one sort of chance in the second half, but no shots on target..

We'll have a full report later on, but for now: What are your thoughts?