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Bayern Munich 0 - 2 Arsenal (3-3agg): Instant Reaction

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So close.

Stuart Franklin



Arsenal came so very close today to doing the impossible, winning 0 - 2 at the Allianz in Munich but falling by a 3 - 3 aggregate to Munich on away goals.

There were positives to take from today's match for Arsenal. They defended resolutely, although Bayern had chances. They stayed mostly well-organized, although there were some blips. They had chances denied by wayward refereeing. And they didn't give up.

Some other thoughts:

-- Olivier Giroud was poor after the goal. His hold up play and passing were not good; Dante did a wonderful job of eliminating him as a threat.

-- Carl Jenkinson did very well for the most part, stopping counters.

-- Mikel Arteta made uncharacteristic silly fouls at the end when we couldn't afford it.

-- Bayern are extremely, extremely good at tracking back and denying space in which to operate. They dominated possession today for the most part.

-- Bayern also time-wasted annoyingly, and Tymoshchuk dove twice.

-- Arsenal gave the ball away too much in the final third, and couldn't find passes, but they had chances, particularly Giroud, Gary Gervinho near the end.

Overall, I am very proud of the way this team pulled back together today after Spurs last weekend. It wasn't always pretty, but we won 2-0 at their place and made one of the best teams in Europe very, very nervous.

Wjhat are your thoughts?