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Arsenal v. Bayern Munich: Champions League Predictions

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Give us your best guesses and the winner receives A BRAND NEW CAR*

"To help you out with your predictions, here's some advice: I benched everyone today."
"To help you out with your predictions, here's some advice: I benched everyone today."
Alexander Hassenstein

If it's in Arsenal's destiny to go down in a burning heap of glory and tears, we might as well have a little fun with it and see who's the most accurate in a few predictions for today's match. I know there's the weekly IKTS that's a hit with a lot of folks, so I'm going to blatantly steal that idea for today, but with a few added wrinkles to it.

Here's the deal: In the comments, provide three predictions. The first being what you think the final score of today's match will be (not the aggregate, because I don't want to be any more despondent than I probably will be come later this afternoon). The second prediction will be what minute in the match the first goal will come from. Given that Arsenal have been pretty spectacular at allowing goals against strong opponents within seven minutes of kickoff, any prediction more than that could very well be a wasted guess; I hope to be proven wrong. And the third prediction is who you think will be the goalscorer of that first goal.

So have it, everyone. Let's see who can collect the most correct predictions. Good luck!

*The dealership that sponsored the new car prize just backed out, thinking our blog was a porn site and thus not wanting to associate themselves with such beautiful filth. While I tried desperately to convince them that we were good folks who run an Arsenal blog, but who might view porn on our free time away from these confines, they remained unconvinced. Therefore, there is no brand new car. Sorry.