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If Gareth Bale were a hot dog and other questions

Cartilage Free Captain answer more of your questions about Tottenham!

Paul Gilham

Kevin McCauley from Cartilage Free Captain answers more of your questions...

What are your opinions on Kyle Walker?

Kyle Walker is a very talented footballer who does not always play up to his potential. When he first started getting regular Premier League minutes, he couldn't defend to save his life. Then, the next season, he made less mistakes but was still generally kind of bad. This season, he's made even less mistakes and is getting close to being a real actual good right back. He still has his fair share of derps, though, and has picked up the mental part of the game much more slowly than Carl Jenkinson. I hope he's just a late bloomer. His progression suggests that he's going to keep getting better. As of right now, he's just average.

Will you ever get Damiao in this millennium?

No, and I'm sick of this transfer saga. We should have paid Internacional £15m when that was the price. We didn't. Now they're jerking us around as he's stagnated. We should probably pursue someone else unless they're going to make his transfer really easy.

(From CFC's Nick Petrilli) If Gareth Bale were a hot dog, would you eat him?

I know I would! I'd ask for seconds!

If Bale were to be sold this summer, which two positions would you most want strengthened with the influx of cash?

I think we'd need to buy a Bale replacement, and I'd opt for someone more in the mold of an Eden Hazard or Willian than a really athletic winger. After that, it has to be striker. We need about three of those.

How did Spurs fans all over the world feel when Piers Morgan called for Wenger to be replaced by Redknapp?

There are people who give a shit about Piers Morgan?

Most of the spurs fans make fun of Theo's 100k wages; if you were Wenger, what is the max wage you would pay him?

I think that Wenger had to pay him what he wanted. In a scenario where Arsenal are a clear top-three team, competing for a title, with multiple world class players on the squad, he's not worth that much. Because Arsenal have sold four of their best players over the last two years, they needed to re-sign Walcott for the sake of their reputation and squad morale. They probably would have crumbled this season if they sold Walcott in January, and the fans would have rushed the Emirates with torches and pitchforks if he walked to Liverpool on a free. Wenger did what he had to do.

Thanks again to Kevin!