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Wenger: Jack Wilshere should "only be out 4-5 days"

Wenger says he should be fine, even though he can't really walk right now.

Clive Brunskill

According to George Caulkin of the London Times, Arsene Wenger thinks that Jack Wilshere will only miss a few days due to his thigh problem that he incurred today against Sunderland:

The last time this was said about Jack...nah. Let's not go there. We'll just have to see if this is really the case. The fact that Jack was able to limp off under his own power was a good sign, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. At least, though, it will offer some of the staff here at The Short Fuse a little bit of respite:

We'll have more for you as we get it. For now, enjoy your Saturday, y'all.

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