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Arsenal's Samuel Galindo Leaves for Club Jorge Wilstermann

Admit it, you're devastated. Really, we all should be sad and despondant in these trying times for Arsenal

There are literally no photos of Samuel Galindo, so here is a wig-wearing dog with goggles
There are literally no photos of Samuel Galindo, so here is a wig-wearing dog with goggles

OK, I'm going to admit something: the only reason I knew Samuel Galindo was an Arsenal player was due to FIFA 13 and seeing him as a player on loan. A good explanation for this is because, well, he's Samuel Galindo and if you Google his name, you find approximately two articles about him in the past three years and I think the titles of both of those far-flung pieces were something along the lines of "Who's Samuel Galindo and Why Am I Writing About Him?"

Anyway, I'm kinda asking myself these questions as I type this out, but here I am to let you all know that Samuel Galindo, up until the past day or so, was property of Arsenal and now he is no longer a member of the club after sealing a switch to Bolivian outfit Club Jorge Wilstermann. Galindo has spent his entire career at Arsenal on loan and away from Colney; I might be taking a wild stab here, but I'm guessing the current players aren't too broken up by his departure.

Arseblog News was on this massive, breaking news earlier, but I felt like I needed a bit more of the local angle, so here is Los Tiempos to provide some bone-crushing analysis (translated, of course):

The footballer Samuel Galindo is the last reinforcement "Aviator" for this season and will be enabled within the time prescribed, said yesterday the vice president Mario Montaño Wilstermann.

According to the leader "Red", Samuel Galindo will not have any problem to be enabled on time and be part of the template holder, because their documentation has already been sent by the Arsenal, the club that holds his rights and he decided to cede to Wilstermann.