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Arsenal to honor Dennis Bergkamp with Emirates Stadium statue

One of the club's greatest players will be immortalized in some kind of metal and/or stone outside Arsenal's stadium.

"yes I am dangerous, Iceman"
"yes I am dangerous, Iceman"
Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Dennis Bergkamp is awesome. Whether he is the best player in Arsenal's history is up for debate, but he is certainly in the conversation, and definitely the best Dutchman to ever play for the team. He was a central figure in the greatest team in English football's history, and scored 120 goals for the club. He also had two of the most badass nicknames possible, which is icing.

Now he has a statue.

The unveiling will happen sometime before the beginning of next season, according to Arsenal. Bergkamp will join Thierry Henry, Tony Adams, and Herbert Chapman in being so honored, and one assumes that more statues will probably be coming in the future. But whoever else comes after, it is good and right that The Non-Flying Dutchman is in the early rounds.

Pictures of the (as of yet unfinished) statue leaked yesterday, forcing the club to make the announcement. The picture, originally from Jamie Walden and hosted now by The Arsenal Collective, is below, in all its awesomeness. Look on it, and despair. Or whatever the opposite of despair is.

He's flying. It's perfect.