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Arsenal vs. Aston Villa: Team and Injury News

Great fullback crisis 2013?

Laurence Griffiths

Arsenal, despite rumors to the contrary, still are a football club with matches to play this season. The next one is against Aston Villa, it's this Saturday, and it's at the Emirates.

Arsenal will have to go without their two nominal starting fullbacks, however, as both Bacary Sagna and Kieran Gibbs are out, according to Arsene Wenger:

On Bacary Sagna…
Sagna has a problem with his knee. He will be out for Saturday certainly. I don’t think there are any other knocks really.

On Kieran Gibbs…
He is still out. He will be a few weeks yet.

Of course, the backups aren't that bad (and might not be rightly considered as "backups", either). Expect to see Carl Jenkinson, fresh back from suspension, and Nacho Eraso "Eraser Get It" Monreal at right and left back, respectively.

Other than that, there are no Arsenal knocks. Repeat: NO ARSENAL KNOCKS. Everyone please find your nearest religiously-affiliated building and enter it and thank something.*

*Unless you're like me, an atheist pinko pig dog, in which case, worry like the dickens.

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