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Arsenal v Bayern: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

I don't want to, but we have to. It's Good, Bad, Ugly time!

Thanks for caring.
Thanks for caring.
Shaun Botterill

So here we are, the day after the night before. It was as ugly as we all feared it would be yet hoped it would not be. I don't want to dwell on it too much, but let's Good Bad Ugly this mess, shall we?

Good: While no Arsenal player was excellent, and most struggled to hit replacement level, Laurent Koscielny was at the very least trying not to suck. He kept it from being a 6-1 mauling with a few key tackles, and while it may be a case of "he sucked less than the rest of them", he looked like the Arsenal player who was most up for the game and who gave a damn. Also, Schweinsteiger's yellow, which keeps him out of the second leg in a few weeks.

Bad: Where to start? The complete failure of any Arsenal non-defender to track back? The ball-watching that led to the first two goals? The tactical decision to put Theo out front (hey, he wanted to be a striker!), which left no option to move the ball out wide if need be? From top to bottom, coaching staff to players, Arsenal's tactics, decisions, and execution were bad. At least the kit man had a good night, as everyone was wearing the right number and had shorts on.

Ugly: Thomas Vermaelen and Per Mertesacker, step right up. I was extremely happy when Arsenal signed Mert, because I thought he was the strong, seasoned, calming influence that a young defensive unit would need. He usually is, but for some reason last night he was AWOL and it really hurt Arsenal. Not sure why those two decided to take the night off, but a lack of strong central defenders really set Arsenal back yesterday.

So there you have it. Did you see anything good that came out of the game that we missed? Any bad or ugly you want to pile on?