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Arsenal vs. Bayern Munich: Team News and Injury Update

Mostly everyone is healthy, but that back four...

Richard Heathcote

There is very little team news ahead of tomorrow's clash against Bayern Munich, Annihilator of Worlds and Harbinger of the End of Physical Existence. Nacho Eraso Monreal (ERASO HIS FRIGGING MIDDLE NAME IS ERASO FOR GOD'S SAKE PEOPLE) is, of course, cup-tied and unavailable at left back. Thomas Vermaelen is likely to slot in there, which leaves the two central spots open for Per Mertesacker, plus one.

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That "plus one" is where things get interesting, though, because Laurent Koscielny faces another late fitness test to determine whether or not he can play. If he passes, he slots in next to Per and Bacary Sagna sets up at right back, no problem. If he cannot play, though, Sagna will most likely slot into the center next to Mertesacker, where he will have to reprise his outstanding display against Sunderland. Carl Jenkinson, busted to Private First Class after his display against those same Black Cats, would then slide into the right back position, where hopefully he is not eaten alive.

Everyone else is fit and ready to go. Expect Arsenal's strongest attacking lineup. And bees. Lots and lots of bees.