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Video: Arsene Wenger butts heads with reporters

Who, admittedly, can be a bit presumptuous, but.

Shaun Botterill

So Arsene Wenger held the standard UEFA Champions League press conference today, which is meant to talk about the upcoming match. However, some reporters were a bit more interested in his new deal and the loss to Blackburn, and they caught Wenger at kind of a bad time. I know that I have a bit of a reputation as a Wenger apologist, and I'm okay with that. I think I'd lose my mind a bit, too, if reporters came to a press conference about my match with Munich and asked why I didn't seem to care about the FA Cup, which I had won four times in 16 years. Still, clearly this goes a little bit beyond the standard Wenger curmudgeonly presser.

Arsene is mad. Arsene smash:

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