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Champions League Open Thread

Somewhere in the world, there is football.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Although yesterday's Champions League matches may have been a couple of the not-most-appealing-to-neutrals matches, today's are...well, if you think there could be a bigger matchup on paper in world club football than Real Madrid and Manchester United, there couldn't. It's a match that probably cannot live up to expectations.

There is another match, too, and one that could be sneaky good. Shakhtar Donetsk, home of Eduardo, welcome Borussia Dortmund to the chilly confines of the middle of Ukraine, and one of Europe's coolest stadiums in the Donbass Arena. If you don't want to look at Wayne Rooney's face, or Robin van Persie's face, or Cristiano Ronaldo's face, you could tune into the match in mining country and be just as easily entertained.

At any rate, Arsenal's participation in the knockout rounds does not start up until next Tuesday at the Emirates. We'll have a bunch of coverage of that match ahead of time for you, but for now, feel free to comment on today's matches (or whatever else catches your fancy in football today) below.

Both matches, by the way, are available live on for subscribers; Real vs. United is on FSC. Kevin has the rundown of where you can find televisual picture-making of football around the world today.

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