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Arsenal vs. Everton: match discussion and television

The December difficulty level rises slightly.

more of this, please
more of this, please
Jamie McDonald

Arsenal vs. Everton
8 December 2013, 11am ET/8am PT
The Emirates Stadium, London
TV: NBC Sports Network

Next up: Everton. This should be a slightly tougher battle than Hull City at midweek, but after the rest of the weekend's results - a loss by Chelsea, a loss by Manchester United, a draw for Manchester City - a win today will put Arsenal in a really, really good position going into next weekend's faceoff at City.

Of course, that also means that if Arsenal don't get a win, the damage will be minimal. Which is why no matter what, it's always nice when your rivals drop points.

The rules remain the same as ever: be kind to each other and to all, and refrain from asking about or posting links to illegal streams.


Have fun.