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Leaving The Arsenal, Take Two

Steph Houghton leaves Arsenal for up and coming Manchester City.

Apparently those rumors about more Arsenal players heading out the door are very very true. The most offensive defender in the game Steph Houghton is leaving the Arsenal for the blue of Manchester City.

After three wonderful years with the Gunners, Houghton will be joining City this December. So it seems that Arsenal's UWCL chances just got even slimmer, as quarterfinal matches are next year.

Houghton is the second Arsenal player to leave in just under a month. As painful as it is to remember, Kim Little was the first to leave after being traded to the Seattle Reign of the NWSL. Good ole Steph is heading to a Manchester City squad that has been signing players left and right, and seems to be gearing up for a big run this upcoming season.

I'd love to say the worst is over fans, but rumors are STILL circulating that more Ladies could be leaving the club. I'll have another post up later going a bit more in depth on how Houghton leaving affects the club, and some fond memories of our gal Steph. For now, use the time for mourning, because things are getting pretty bad in London town.