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Michael Owen Speaks On Mesut Ozil

In a time when many fans are frustrated with Mesut Ozil, Michael Owen decides to speak the bare truth

Ryan Pierse

Because Michael Owen -being a world class striker in his days- had some time on his hands from breeding horses and bestowing sage-like wisdom on Twitter such as "There is no right or wrong. It's called an opinion..." (Which is wrong, you're wrong Michael Owen, you're always wrong), he decided to comment on the lack of world class players at Arsenal, and in particular, Mesut Ozil. Sitting on what I imagine to be a very average chair, on an average day and typing in a particularly bland -and average-- voice, Owen imparted his world class wisdom, stating that Arsenal do not have world class players and that Ozil himself cannot be considered world class.

Owen, being a man of logic and reason and never reactionary of half a season of work, stated that Ozil is not world class for the fact that "Despite people constantly telling me that Mesut Ozil is world class, his inconsistency means that we only see occasional glimpses of real quality." Though Ozil is leading the assists chart in a year where he made the jump from technical La Liga to the frantic EPL where he is still adjusting to his new teammates and the pace of the league, these excuses will not break the constitution of former Manchester United number seven Michael Owen.

Not willing to accept the pathetic ramblings of Arsenal fans about the packed scheduling of Arsenal games, the "New Raul of Real Madrid" who decided to finish his career at Stoke City to prove that he could do it on a wet, windy day stated that, for Ozil "His odd good performance is usually followed by half a dozen poor ones and despite Giroud performing admirably, unless Wenger acquires a new striker to help share the load, they could just tail off the longer the season goes on."

Knowing that the world needs his vast knowledge and imperious wisdom in order to sustain order in the world, the Liverpool legend also commented on the state of Arsenal as a club.

"There is little doubting that Wenger's men are now a well-oiled machine," Owen began, assumedly while anxiously awaiting the Darts World Championship.

Showing the full brunt of his IQ and tactical genius, he added that, "The players all know their jobs inside out with Wenger rarely changing his system and against the lesser lights in the league I always fancy them to out-score their opponents." While this might confuse those who have watched Arsenal this season and began to think that Wenger's system changes depending on the personality and the opponent, it is hard to disagree with a man who once mused: "Simple pleasures in life. Kids not fighting or arguing while Dad stands in a piping hot shower for 10 minutes."

"But who?!" you must be asking yourself, who do Arsenal have to beat in order to certify their status as title challengers or even 5th place contenders as the former BBC Personality of the year (BBC should be ashamed) predicted at the beginning of the season. Always one to help others with the burden and stress of using the brain, Owen explained that it is not the numerous other teams that Arsenal must win against, but the big boys.

"It is against the big boys where I think they could struggle as, in my opinion, they don't have the class of player to go toe-to-toe with the main title contenders."

Although Asenal are still top of the league at the moment and Mesut Ozil has a body of work at Real Madrid that would classify him as world class, Gooners everywhere are taking in Michael Owen's words and deeply considering that he might be right.

One fan in particular said "Well, he might be right, after all he was a great player for England and if not for his injury issues, he would have been amazing at Manchester United so I'm sure he knows what makes a world class player. You have to listen to what Owen Hargreaves says, he's a very intelligent man"