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FA bans Jack Wilshere for two matches


Clive Brunskill

Our feelings about what constitutes ban-worthy offenses have been covered ad nauseam over the past couple days, and now we can start up the debate of "How does having Jack Wilshere banned for two matches affect Arsene Wenger's squad selection?" because that's what has precisely happened.  The FA has ruled that Jack Wilshere's middle finger is worth one more match than Luis Suarez's middle finger two seasons ago, because the scrounge of the game isn't dirty tackles, inconsistent officiating and hostile crowds.  Nope, what's going to grow this game - at least in England and Wales - is eliminating the desire of players to show their middle fingers.

This means that he'll miss the home affair versus Chelsea this coming weekend and the Boxing Day match away at West Ham.  That's the bad news.  The good news is that he'll be able to sit comfortably in a suite at both of these matches and flip off whoever he damn well pleases.  Personally, if I were him, I'd do this naked.  With both fingers extended.  Maybe switch it up wearing a sandwich board sign while showing my middle fingers.  Because as ridiculous as that sounds, so is banning any player for 5% of the season because he waved his middle finger at an abusive away crowd.

So, yeah, here's to you, FA.