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Chamberlain Joins Arsenal And Byrne Signs Extension

The keeper club at Arsenal has strengthened significantly.

This is it people! The break we've been waiting for! After a very dreary few weeks of losing what seemed like player after player, Arsenal Ladies have changed the script and SIGNED someone. Yes. You read that right. This isn't going to be an article lamenting the loss of a Gunner, but instead a big ole celebration.

The newest Arsenal Lady is longtime England international Sio Chamberlain. Chamberlain was with Bristol Academy last year, and was named to the FA WSL's Team of the Year. Another interesting tidbit is that Chamberlain is the ONLY player in the WSL to have played every minute of every game since it's inception back in 2011. Talk about consistency.

Even though Chamberlain has only been a back up on an international level, she still has 26 caps to her name. It's fair to say the competition at the keeper position is going to be spiced up a little bit. Obviously, Chamberlain will be competing with long time Arsenal starting keeper (13 years to be exact) Emma Byrne. Byrne just signed an extension with the club.

While Arsenal haven't brought in a midfield menace, or a star defender, or, heck, even depth for the bench, I'm not going to be a negative Nancy here. That would be too easy. Instead let's look at this signing as a starting point. Picking up Chamberlain is a pretty big signing. Sure, Byrne has been a consistent quality starting keeper at the club for over a decade, but anytime you pick up a regular England international it's a good thing. Besides, who doesn't love a little friendly competition at the keeper position?

This signing could be the beginning of several other great signings for the Arsenal. Not only does picking up Chamberlain make the squad better, but it could make picking up other players easier. So as the great Shania Twain said Arsenal "can only go up from here."